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Sanitizing Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet odor and pet disease is  a serious issue for veterinarian clinics, pet boarding facilities, and doggie day care.  You can rely on the tradition scrub and wash down routine, or graduate to a superior system that effectively destroys odors, fungi, all types of germs, and neutralize urine.  H Factor easily applied with the Foaming Sprayer with minimal effort.  

Advantages of the Electrostatic Sprayer

We all know about spray systems whether spray bottle or pump up sprayers.  You can buy this kind of equipment anywhere.  These sprayers use a lot more product than the misting sprayers.  So, if you want to saturate and serious wet the surface, spray equipment is just fine.  However, there are products, like H Factor, that are more costly and need only a fine misting to do the job.  That is where electrostatic sprayers are king.

Allergy Abatement

Some health issues are easily diagnosed, but some problems are mysterious.  Anyone suffering from a nagging health issue may wonder why they struggle to operate like others can be more than frustrating.  Allergies and chemical sensitivities are less than an outright disease that diminish the quality of life for millions of people.

Professional Odor Removal Training

We are pleased to work with Axis Training Center to offer a series of professional courses covering the critical techniques for professional odor removal services.  We have seen he rise of well-intended start-up services that had little to no training except for what can be gleaned from questionable Internet websites.  There is a lot of bad information out there, and this leads to a rolling failure as an odor removal service.

The Importance of Cleaning First

There are questions about how to best use H Factor for odor or sanitizing.  The need to clean the building should be obvious.  There is something called "Gross Cleaning" meaning to solve the worst or biggest cleaning issues, even though more detailed cleaning needs to be done.  The easiest example would be a hoarder home or a pet kennel.  Gross cleaning get the junk, waste, and debris out of the way, so the real cleaning can be done.

Odor Removal Application

Odor Removal ToolSo, why in the world do people spray concocted fragrances in the air to treat problems hidden in a corner, carpet spot, or room.  It is so odd to believe that a fragrance can defeat odor.  If so, pig farms should be spraying perfume of the pigs to cancel the smell.  But, they don't, so they clean constantly to minimize the odor.