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Better Than Ozone for Odor Removal

Ozone has been the classic odor removal concept for twenty years, and it seemed that there were no rivals for ozone.  Ozone is a gaseous oxidizing, and H Factor is a liquid oxidizing product that rivals or surpasses ozone at every level.  Professional odor removal services may the process of retiring the worn out ozone generators for something better.

Finding the Source of Odors

There are a few basic tools I use to find or detect the source of odors or the presence of mold.  Obviously, your nose is the most obvious way to find the odor source, but odors can be transient and hard to locate. Some odors are almost everywhere, or they waft about making it difficult to determine the source.  And, odor elimination is best resolved by treated the source first, and the general area next.

Electrostatic Sprayer vs ULV Fogger

The ULV fogger has been the standby for may services that offer deodorization, sanitizing, mold control, or air duct cleaning.  They are affordable, durable, and do the job.  It is doubtful that the electrostatic sprayer will replace the ULV fogger, but it will give it a run for the money.  For those who are wondering if they should by the electrostatic sprayer, we offer a comparison by some who has used both.