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Remove Curry Smell

Remove Curry SmellThere are those who love the taste of curry, and those who hate it.  Curry is a mix od aromatic spices that escape in the steam and literally coat the surrounding area in a film.  So, there is no good way to totally eliminate the curry smell without a serious cleaning and deodorizartion effort.

Professional Odor Removal

Odor Mitigation SpecialistAnyone doing odor removal needs to consider the combination of H Factor and the sprayers of choice.  Odor removal is, quite frankly, only one of the issues a professional odor removal service will encounter.  We know that treatinbg the cause of the cause is more important than the odor concern.

Spray Delivery Systems for Remediation Products

When looking at H Factor as your product of choice, some re-alignment of thought will be helpful.  Remediation services are use to carrying multiple products to treat multiple problems.  Mold and mildew calls for Product A.  Product B is for pet urine smells.  Product C is for cleaning hard surfaces.  Product D is to sanitize  ... I think.  Product E is for smoke odor.  Maybe!  And, I forget what the other six bottles do.

Starting a Service Business

The fact is that we did not start a product company.  We were hard-working service providers treating odors, mold, and germs.  As many already know, you're pretty much on your own, and no one is going to offer much help.  So, we have determined to build a support system where our people can find training, advice, and guidance any time they need it.