The H Factor Decon

H FactorThe H Factor is an All-in-One product that offers amazing power with a safe product.  H Factor is EPA registered, biodegradable, and leave no toxic residue,.  Low pH of 9.2 and low corrosion, and no bleaching concern.  Yet, H Factor does fantastic job in these areas:

1- A special blend of cleaning surfactant to break up films and biofilm
2- 99.99999% germ killing effectiveness
3- Kills mold and mildew on contact, and leaves a mildewstat
4- Eliminates all types of Odors
5- Denatures blood and body fluids
6- Neutralizes chemical residue (Detoxification
7- Strips pollution and contaminants from the air (IAQ)
8- EPA registered - Safe for food prep areas - Approved for HVAC
Apply with ULV fogger, foam system, or electrostatic sprayer.  Can be used to clean and deodorize carpets.  Even eliminate curry odor from apartments or real estate.  Cleaning is a basic, preliminary task; then follow with H Factor.  Eliminate dozens of less effective, more toxic products in your closet or truck.
Foam or spray H Factor on mold and mildew and watch it change color and die.  Then, treat the air with H Factor fogging to remove and neutralize spores.  Follow the process, and you will easily pass your post-remediation air test.
Treat kitchens, eating areas, medical building, and gyms with a No Touch treatment of all areas.  This process is super efficient and effective (seven log sanitizer).  Compared to hand scrubbing with toxic products, H Factor can sanitize large areas with less manpower and more sanitizing impact. 
$360 USD and $20 S/H