Odor Removal Application

Odor Removal-tool

We are surrounded by hundreds of boastful products that claim to remove odors.  To permanently remove odors, you need to solve them at the source.  To illustrate, would you believe that putting a tarp over a pile of trash will make it go away?  No, you need to remove the trash.

So, why in the world do people spray concocted fragrances in the air to treat problems hidden in a corner, carpet spot, or room.  It is so odd to believe that a fragrance can defeat odor.  If so, pig farms should be spraying perfume of the pigs to cancel the smell.  But, they don't, so they clean constantly to minimize the odor.

Electrostatic sprayers charge the mist particles with a positive charge that causes the droplets to be attracted to every available surface.  So, the treatment goes to the hard-to-reach areas, even wrapping around objects to coat the opposite side of the object.  So, instead of spraying the air, you are treating the source. 

Once we can reach the source, do more that counteract the odor for a short cycle between retreatment.   Use H Factor to permanently cancel the odor using the electrostatic sprayer.  H Factor is a biodegradable product the eliminates odors, sanitizes to a high degree, and kills mold and mildew on contact.