Professional Odor Removal Training

We are pleased to work with Axis Training Center to offer a series of professional courses covering the critical techniques for professional odor removal services.  We have seen he rise of well-intended start-up services that had little to no training except for what can be gleaned from questionable Internet websites.  There is a lot of bad information out there, and this leads to a rolling failure as an odor removal service.

The hype about ozone has opened the door to many instant odor removal start-ups who believe that ozone is the magic cure for odor, germs, and mold.  While ozone is effective for odor removal and can kill mold, the misapplication of ozone can be disappointing.  First of all, ozone is topical.  It does not effectively get into fabric, carpet, and deep areas.  In order to push ozone to treat these hard-to-resolve odor problems, amateurs tend to over-treat the facility with treatments running 12-24 hours  in length.  Or, they bring in multiple unit to "Crush the Odor".

This opens the door to permanently embedding the ozone smell meaning the ozone has bonded with the resident VOCs that are always present.  So, the problem is too little or too much ozone, and most odor removal people do not know where those lines are. 

Ozone isn't a well-ordered business.  Ozone is reactive, so it can cause deterioration of rubber and soft plastic.  Ozone takes hours to apply, and people have to be vacated during the treatment.  

H Factor is a spray solution that rivals ozone is every way, and actually does more than ozone.  H Factor easy to apply and it is very hard to over-treat.  H Factor does not leave a strong smell after the treatment.  

Ozone is a gaseous oxidizer, which is its claim to fame.  H Factor is a liquid oxidizing product that can be applied with any spray or mist system, or in a compressed air foam system.  This allows greater targeting of the areas treated and  can be done in a quarter of the time of ozone.  It seems obvious that ozone is a good idea being replaced by a better idea.