Handheld Portable Electrostatic Sprayer

Victory Electrostatic SprayerThis is your Grab-and-Go tool to Quickly Treat Odor, Pollution, infection, vomit Problems

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer                               

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer produces a fine mist of positively charged spray particles that bond to all negatively charged surfaces.  This magnetic charge produces the "wrap around" effect.  Uniform coverages happens as any areas not initially wetted will still be disinfected as the particles migrate to those areas. 

  -  Equipment purchase Includes:
  -  Deluxe Carrying Case
  -  16.8 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery (4 hours of run time) 
  -  Portable and Lightweight - 3.8 pounds
  -  Adjustable spray nozzles for 40-60-80 micron application
  -  Removable Tank Holds 33.8 oz     


For property managers, this electrostatic sprayer is a durable, easy-to-use tool that allows your team to quickly deal with inside problems.  When combined with H Factor, this system will mitigate odors (pet, cigarette, curry, or stale odors).  Treat for these issue after the cleaning crew has done their work.  Minimum PPE is a particle mask and eye protection to prevent accidental spray toward the face.

College and School maintenance team use this system to treat vomit events, gym odors, infection control, and dorm or classroom sanitizing.

Veterinarian clinics, pet day care, or pet boarding will benefit from odor control, powerful sanitizing, and infection control with a biodegradable product with no toxic residue.

Day Care facilities will like the ability to sanitize, deodorize, and reduce allergens on a nightly basis with ease.