Sanitizing Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet odor and pet disease is  a serious issue for veterinarian clinics, pet boarding facilities, and doggie day care.  You can rely on the tradition scrub and wash down routine, or graduate to a superior system that effectively destroys odors, fungi, all types of germs, and neutralize urine.  H Factor easily applied with the Foaming Sprayer with minimal effort.  

Simply foam down everything, including cages, and runways.  Let the product work for ten minute.  You can use a bristle brush if there are any caked areas.  Then, wash down with a spray.  H Factor is approved for treat animal areas, but avoid treating any open food or water.  The foam is super-easy to apply, and makes it easy to cover every square inch.

H Factor kills mold, mildew, and fungus on contact.  It will kill all types of infectious pathogen.  It quickly destroys odors.  And, it will denature all types of body fluids.  One product that safely does it all.  

The start system is $400 for four gallons of H Factor that includes the unique and handy foaming sprayer.  With this system, your facility can maintain a high standard of cleaning and sanitizing with the ability to step up treatments if there is a spreading infection.

Foaming Sprayer H Factor

H Factor is an A+B product that fully activates when mixed 50/50.  Full power for 8 hours and eventually biodegrades, leaving no residue.  Mix only what you need.  Shelf life is ten years.

... $400 USD plus shipping