Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Victory Electrostatic SprayerIf you remember the days of suitcase-size electrostatic sprayers that required a AC power cord and hoses to fight as you did the work, you will love the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer.  This is the next generation in applying treatments without the limitations of an AC power cord.  The 18 volt battery runs the unit for hours, and is easily replaced if you need more time on the job.


Compared to the ULV fogger, you get more actual product to the surface and less misting into the air.  When you need a professional treatment without fogging up the room, this is the tool.  In many ways, your tools control the time you spend on the job and the quality of the project.  The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer work extremely well with H Factor to provide a level of success other products cannot match.

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  $1500 with free shipping in U.S. except HI & AK

This product is in stock and ready to ship.  Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty